Teaching Resources

Tools that help teaching from a distance

COVID-19 has changed the teaching and learning landscape.  These resources and suggestions have been shared by Pembina Hills teachers.

Google Classroom

All PHSD teachers and students have a Pembina Hills Google Account that an be used within Google Classroom.  Tutorial video

If you want to record what is happening in Google Meet, another window, or on your SmartBoard, click the Presentation icon beside the three dots and choose the window you would like to show. Tutorial video:  Record a meeting.

Google Meet Grid View: A Chrome extension that arranges participants in a Google Meet in a grid view.

Chrome Remote Desktop: This allows the student to share your desktop from a distance without the need for downloading software such as SMART Notebook.  Each sharing time requires a unique passcode that is only valid for 5 minutes (but the sharing session goes as long as you need until you end it). You may wish to set up a Google Meet with a student and then send them the code up to 5 minutes before your time.

Jamboard: A Google whiteboard application that you can either share View or Edit if you want a fully interactive experience.

ERLC has collated tools and tutorials here: https://sites.google.com/erlc.ca/learningonline

Publishers Adapt Policies To Help Educators

“As educators move to remote learning, many are worrying and wondering about reading books aloud online and possibly violating copyright laws. In response, many children’s publishers have temporarily altered policies.”

Read the guidelines at School Library Journal (March 18, 2020)

Criterion on Demand has provided Pembina Hills with an amended agreement providing for at-home use of a selected set 170 of the most widely used titles, for educational purposes, that will be made available to Teachers for student assignment purposes.  Links to Criterion on Demand are at the bottom of this page.

SMART Learning Suite

Create notebook files for each groups weekly activities, upload it to your learning suite and share the link with the kids. They then can do the activities on their chrome books.

Locally created resources

PHSD teachers have co-created a variety of materials.  Many of these are stored here and are available for use by others.

Subscribed sites and services

Here is a list of teaching resource sites for which PHSD maintains a subscription. You may need a password. A password summary is in Google Docs and can be accessed when teachers login with their Pembina Hills Google account credentials. Subscription passwords are managed by Education Services. If you have questions please email Debbie Westman.

News from Yellowhead Regional Library


  • Inter-library loan requests through the provincial services has been shut down.
  • Government courier service has been shut down.
  • Regional library systems have stopped delivery.

Use of LEAP at home:  There has been warnings of increased cybersecurity attacks in the last week – tied to an increase in people working from home. YRL very strongly recommends that you do NOT use LEAP from any personal device to manage customer interactions through this closure. YRL very strongly recommends that LEAP only be used with a library issued device.

Resources to Support you:  The staff in both Library Development Services and Collections and Resource Sharing have been working hard to pull together training and information resources for you to access – on a variety of topics, including remote programming. Check back as we continue to update the page: YRL Training