Teaching Resources

Sites and services requiring login credentials

Here is a list of teaching resource sites for which PHSD maintains a subscription and/or for which teachers may need a password.   If you have questions please email Debbie Westman.

password summary is in Google Docs and can be accessed when teachers login with their Pembina Hills Google account credentials. Subscription passwords are managed by Education Services.

  • Classroom Videos on Demand
    • Login with PHSD google account or see passwords summary above
    • A wide range of curriculum related videos and segments
  • Criterion-on-demand
  • Canadian History Series
    • A collection of Canadian History videos purchased by PHSD and stored on Google Drive
    • EVERFI helps teachers, schools, and districts bring real-world skills to students.
    • Thanks to partners, the digital platform, training, and support is provided at no cost
    • Financial Education, Social Emotional Learning, Health and Wellness, College/Career Readiness, Early Learning
    • Get started here
  • Exam Bank
    • Exam Bank content is written by teachers, and aligned to Alberta curriculum
    • Passcodes for each school are listed in PHSD document named above
  • FreshGrade Connect
    • Portfolio and communication tool used to connect teachers, students and parents
    • Teacher sets personal password
  • Google Classroom and related tools
    • All PHSD teachers and students have a Pembina Hills Google Account that an be used within Google Classroom.  Tutorial video
    • PHSD has added Read&Write and EquatIO Chrome extensions. These tools support students with various barriers to have access to use and create digital content.
    • ERLC has collated tools and tutorials here: https://sites.google.com/erlc.ca/learningonline
  • Instructional Media Centre
    • PHSD’s local repository of teaching and learning resources
  • Insignia Library System
    • Library software used by several schools (but not all)
  • Learn 360
    • Login with PHShttps://phsd.insigniails.com/Library/HomeD google account or see passwords summary above
    • Subscribed service: multi-media, interactives, videos, and more
  • myBlueprint
    • Subscribed service: Portfolio software for grades 7 and up
  • Mystery Science
    • Subscribed service: Science and high interest videos and resources for elementary grades up to about grade 8.
    • Subscription runs through until June 30, 2022
  • OverDrive/Sora
    • A combination of a library of fiction shared with other Alberta school boards and locally acquired resources available only to PHSD students and teachers
    • E-books for pleasure reading and instruction; Audio books for many commonly used literature studies
    • All students and staff have access to Overdrive using their Network Login. This allows staff and students to access books purchased by Pembina Hills as well as a shared collection of books that is accessed by many schools in Alberta.  Students access this through Sora which will limit books available to their own age group.
    • Purchasing New Books: Requests for new books that are not in the library can be sent to Wendy Perryman.
    • Assigned Books: Schools would need an Advantage Account on Overdrive which would include class sets of novels.  This is free to set up but there will be a fee for the books.  Along with other information the gist of novel sets is as follows:
      • Class Sets are purchased on a per student basis and available to each student for 3 months. (prices are in USD)
      • Cost ranges from $1.66 to $6+ per student (Bridge to Terabithia $1.66/student, The Outsiders $6.07/student)
      • Can purchase for 3 to 6 months depending on the book
      • Each copy is assigned to a specific student
    • This is a decision each school needs to make on their own.  Please talk to the principal at your school about the possibility of setting this up.  Here is a brief look at the benefits of an Advantage Account: https://resources.overdrive.com/working-with-an-overdrive-advantage-account
  • Screencastify
    • Video recording software
    • Passcodes listed in PHSD document named above
  • X-Movement
    • X Movement programs deliver physical, social, emotional and environmental literacy through in-school movement-based experiences
    • Subscribed service for designated schools
  • Zorbit’s Math Adventure
    • A suite of digital tools, hands-on resources and teacher supports that help you go beyond paper worksheets and teaching to a test
    • Designed for elementary grades
    • Subscribed Service for designated schools

Additional Services with Credible Teaching and Learning Resources

No password needed for basic access. Create a password for enhanced access

  • LearnAlberta (Alberta Education curated site built previous to new draft curriculum)
  • New LearnAlberta (Alberta Education curated site with draft curriculum content)

No password needed

Locally created resources and services

PHSD teachers have co-created a variety of materials.  Many of these are stored here and are available for use by others.