School Board News

Mar 8, 2017 Board Meeting

Regional Office – If minister of education approves, school board will give grounds around former W.R. Frose School to local community group If the minister of education agrees, the PHPS school board will give the grounds around the former W.R. Frose School in Fawcett to the PACO (Progressive and Coordinating Organization) Agricultural Society. Barrhead Composite High […]

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Feb 22, 2017 Board Meeting

Neerlandia Public Christian School –  Fee to ride bus held at 2016-17 levels The school board voted to keep bus fees at 2016-17 levels: In-town Grade 1 to 12 students will pay $350 a year Rural Grade 1 to 12 students, who don’t go to their designated school, will pay $450 a year School board […]

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